Nile Egypt Plastech Industries S.A.E is pioneering Industrial packaging in Egypt by bringing innovative products with world class technology. Expansive new manufacturing facility has been built at Attaqa Industrial Area in Suez and is equipped for Clean Room production environment, to provide a clean, hygienic, dust free and microbe controlled production facility.

The product range includes

  • 120 / 150 litre Tight Head/ Open Top drums,
  • 220 / 235 litre `XL' ring drums Tight head/open Top drums
  • 5 - 25 litre Jerrycans and
  • 15 / 20 Litre Conipails

Nile Egypt Plastech Industries S.A.E. is the subsidiary of a multinational group - TimeTech a multinational conglomerate with operations in Bahrain, Belgium, China, Egypt, Indonesia, India ,Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Sharjah, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam is a leading manufacturer of polymer products.

The first of its kind of facility in Egypt will take the industrial packaging to a next level on par and conforming to the latest international standards.

Time's Industrial Packaging 'TechPack' is the outcome of experience and technological perfection honed over the years in different geographical locations.

A wide range of options are available in Narrow Mouth, Wide Mouth and Open top Drums or Containers in variety of sizes and even customized for applications. So, whatever be your packaging need, ask for 'TechPack' - an undisputed name in packaging.


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